May 14, 2020

When will in-person gatherings resume?

As soon as possible. While we expect our phased approach to open to line up with the phases that have been laid out by the government, everything hinges on the health of our community and the CDC’s recommendations. Due to the size of our gatherings, most likely we’ll be able to open a little sooner than other local businesses and churches. Therefore, our first day of open worship will be May 30 (Saturday) following up Sunday May 31, with the feast of Shavuot (Pentecost). These gathering will host groups of 15. Most likely we’ll have two services during phase II in order to achieve and abide to city and state ordinances. Hopefully we’ll be in Phase III by mid June.

Are you ready to come?

Please keep in mind, that even though we are opening our gates to the public, is up to you to come or to stay home. If you feel not safe, and you preferred to stay home for a few weeks more, is fine with us. Also, is recommended that the VULNERABLE POPULATIONS, Individuals with serious underlying health conditions, including high blood pressure, chronic lung disease, diabetes, obesity, asthma, and those whose immune systems are compromised (such as by chemotherapy or cancer and other conditions requiring such therapy) may stay home and watch online.

Will regular activities look different?

While we expect our in-person gatherings to feel the same when we reach Phase 4, like the rest of society, we expect that the way we interact with each other will look at little different for a while. We’re going to continue to modify the parts of our services that required physical contact before (such as passing shalom cards and greeting each other with handshakes), and we’re doing everything we can to keep our facilities clean and safe.

Even if you see more face masks (and a lot more hand sanitizer), when we gather again in-person, we hope it will feel like coming home.


The Awakening Place board of elders have recommended the following guidelines:
  • Under no circumstances come to the house of worship if you feel symptoms related to COVID 19
  • Same principles apply to those who are sick with the Flue. Stay home, get some rest, and please let us know so we can pray for you, and if is possible, arranged a zoom meeting for prayer and comfort.
  • Please be advice that people will be watching that protocol is followed, and if a risk is detected, we will cordially ask the person to refrain from entering the building, or to leave.
  • Physical distancing calls for avoiding “close contact” with those outside one’s household. “Close contact” generally means avoiding being within 6 feet of another person, especially if this will last for 15 minutes or more.
  • Everyone should maintain a 6-foot distance from each other at all times. Members of a single household do not need to practice physical distancing with each other and so may sit together in the same row. (For example, if a group arrived in a single private vehicle, they could sit together.)
  • We will dismiss the congregation by rows at the end of service to avoid crowding at the exits.
  • We encourage everyone to maintain physical distancing everywhere on the church property (on the church entrance, in the parking lot, etc.)
  • The Tzedakah will be lifted as a symbol, but no physical collection will take place. All offerings must be presented via text (84321), or by visiting our online option in our website
  • Every children must be with their parents sitting at all times.
  • Children Benediction will take place from the stage and every children must be with their parents at the time of the declaration. No children will come up to the stage.

What About Torah Bits?

Our Torah Bits will be hosted online only until Phase III.

What About our Children Ministry?

Children Ministry is getting affected the most. Our plan is to create online content for our children. Children content will include but not limited to: Plays, Cartoons and online teachings. More information will be posted soon.

How can we gather right now?

In-person gatherings may be on-hold for a little while longer, but The Awakening Place has several great ways to gather digitally on a weekly basis. Check out our in the bottom of this page and make plans to join us as often as you can.

To Download our PDF chart, just click here.

How to Join Our Online Gathering

Our Online gatherings Starts Saturday at 12 p.m.

Here’s how to join us:

Our Online Gatherings is available every Saturday at 12 p.m. and we may host other events in this venue depending on how long the health crisis continues.

Be a Digital Missionary

While it’s easy to feel like life is on pause during an event like this, we believe that God is still at work in and through messiahs’ body. When you think of reaching your neighbors and friends, you might default to thinking of in-person discussions or asking them to attend a church event. With many concerned about coronavirus and the emergency response throughout the nation, we think this is actually a great opportunity to share the hope of Messiah Yeshua and invite your friends to join you Online.

A simple way to do this is to host a “Watch Party” on Facebook. This enables you to invite your Facebook friends to a private group chat interface as you watch the Shabbat teaching together. You can get started by using the “Add to Your Post” section at the bottom of Facebook’s “What’s On Your Mind?” window, or by following Facebook’s instructions here.

A Note About Giving

If you’re a regular giver, please continue to be faithful with your generosity at The Awakening Place. You may not know this, but in the rare event that we’ve closed for a snow day, it’s difficult to recover from just one missed gathering for the rest of the year. Your weekly gifts are a vital resource that allows us to continue the work that God has called us to do, and our in-person Shabbat services only represent a small portion of that work. When you continue to give, your gifts allow us to maintain critical ministries that many depend on.

You can give online at any time, or securely text method by texting your donation at 84321. Thank you so much for your faithfulness to give!

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