Grace Bermudez

Ministry Secretary

Grace Bermudez came to TAP in 2016 after relocating from Florida. She was born in the city of New York and moved to Florida when she was 13 years old. She grew up in an evangelical Christian Pentecostal church since the age of  5. After learning from Gods revealing truth, the entire family was removed from replacement theology to Covenant Theology.
The family started to follow Pastor Ely online for about 3 years and one day, her mother asked if she wanted to travel to Rhode Island to Pastor Ely’s congregation for Pesach 2016.
After visiting and seeing how The Creator powerfully uses pastor Ely in his teachings, and how instantly she fall in love with the congregation, that same year, she decided to make that drastic move from Florida to be apart of not only a ministry but a priestly family. 
Today she’s a proud family member of TAP and a worship leader.
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