March 1, 2018March 6, 2018
Tzedaka, an act of Justice

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Did you know that the word for charity in Hebrew is Tzedakah? Interesting enough the word tzedakah comes from the word tzadek which means justice. In other words, those who give are doing justice. Giving is not only an act of love, but an act of justice.

Would it surprise you to learn that, of the churches recently surveyed by Giving Rocket, only 14 percent were meeting or exceeding budget?  Knowing that churches rely entirely on donations to survive, not meeting the annual budget means critical mission work is in jeopardy of being underfunded. For an example here at TAP we’ve had mayor cuts in order to keep the lights on. Being a very small assembly with a huge mission makes the financial part of ministry more critical. This is why we had created this campaign. Help us to meet our monthly budget by helping TAP with your financial support.