The Issue & the Need

Today, most of Judaism denies the messiahship of Yeshua (Jesus’ Hebrew name), and most of Christianity denies or ignores its grafted-in identity in Israel.

Both are mistaken, for Scripture teaches that Yeshua was sent to the lost sheep of the house of Israel (Matthew 15:24), and that Gentiles who come to faith in Yeshua become connected to Israel in the same way as a branch is grafted to a tree (Romans 11:17). The result of centuries of wrong teaching is that today there is no mention of Yeshua in most synagogues, and no mention of God’s law and appointed times in most churches. Each of these institutions has preserved some of God’s truths but has denied others.

The Awakening Place puts it back together the way Scripture intends — a Messiah-centered, Spirit-empowered, disciple-making community that reveals the true face of Yeshua (Jesus) to the nations of the world.

TAP is committed to these biblical principles. Its disciples are taught about  First Century Apostolic service and the biblical Jewish/Hebraic roots of Christianity, and how to identify with them. If God is directing you toward a lifestyle of biblical historical authenticity and you want to learn more, TAP may be exactly what you are seeking.