Most of all, you will feel welcome and accepted. A Life group is a place to get to know new people and experience fellowship. It is where spiritual growth and authentic relationships are pursued and made. Above all, you will go on a spiritual journey with others discovering God’s intended purpose and mission for your life.

When and where do groups meet?

Our groups meet in different locations in private homes, occasionally in coffee shops throughout the week. Most group meeting times are in the evenings starting between 6:30 – 7PM and ending between 8 and 9PM.

What does a small group meeting look like?

Our small groups typically meet in a house of a TAP member. The group begins with a greet time, has discussion/study over the weekly Torah Portion, and then ends with prayer and relationship.

What do groups study?

We use our Torah Portion Guidelines together with the curriculum prepare in advance by one of our teacher or Sr. Pastor. Current teachings are always related to studies germane for the group needs.

Is childcare provided?

TAP does not supply childcare during our home groups sessions. We do have some creative ideas for you to try that can be a very positive experience.

• As a group pitch in money to hire a sitter

• If small group members live in the same neighborhood, drop the kids off at the other house with a parent or sitter.

• Rotate a parent with the kids in a different room of your house each week. (Have that parent provide a lesson, craft or teach the kids a skit on a Bible story. Have the kids present their skit or craft to the entire small group near the end of the meeting.)

• Once a month, do a family wide pot luck for all family members to be with their kids.

Will I be expected to stay in the group I join “forever”?

No. You have the freedom to join other groups as your needs change, your schedule changes, or if you would like to study something another group has chosen.

Do you have to be a TAP member to be in a small group?

No. Small Groups are open for anyone to attend.—

Our groups are never closed but they do get full.

Living rooms run out of chairs, but the kingdom of God is available for everyone! We’ll do our best to find a spot for you; If we run out of space in one of our groups, we’ll find another small group for you to join!