Yeshiva Beth Nevi’im (YBN) was founded in September 2010 in response to the growing demand in the Christian community for a school that meets the needs of students seeking education in the Hebraic Perspective of Scriptures.

YBN began with a Training Program in which focus were to empower students to become spiritual leaders as they were able to unlock the mysteries of Torah and the great revelation behind the biblical feast. Shortly after, Yeshiva Beth Nevi’im launched the Comprehensive Hebraic Studies program, providing students with an overview of all aspects of Hebraically life, as well as a Torah study program.

In September 2014, YBN began an online program for students who wanted to study the scriptures within the Hebraic mindset, but were not able to afford the great cost that many academics charge today. Also this academic, with his bilingual programs, it gives the opportunity to non-English speaking students from Spain, Center and South America to study the word of our Creator in Spanish.

This program has completely surpassed all expectations in providing the tools and knowledge to sincere believers who wants to obey the Creator without the religious manipulation of Christianity or Judaism.

In June 6, 2015, Yeshiva Beth Navi held a graduation for students from all over the world at YBN facilities for “Talmidim” (Disciples) who had succeeded their 3 year program, providing no only a fresh start in their journey, but also with a certification from YBN academics.

In 2018, YBN were able to created an Advanced Study program for students who wants to continue studying after their first 3 year basic formation.