March 7, 2018

The Lost Sheep

The Lost Sheep

The Lost Sheep | A Jewish/Hebraic Concept

A Jewish concept related to Covenant Israel and its restoration.The Lost Sheep was a very ancient concept related to the nation of Covenant Israel. Understanding who’s the shepherd according to the prophets will reveal a magnificent understanding in the role of the Jewish Messiah…Yeshua.

Our Master attempted to explain to the Pharisees why He chose to associate with “sinners and tax-collectors.” He told them the parable of the lost sheep. In the parable, He compared himself to a shepherd and the Jewish people to a flock of sheep.

The ninety-nine sheep represent the righteous. The single lost sheep—a lost sheep of Israel—represents the secularized and godless among the Jewish people. The good shepherd leaves the ninety-nine righteous and goes to seek after the single lost sheep. When he finds the lost sheep, he carries it back to the flock, an image drawn from the prophet Isaiah:

Like a shepherd He will tend His flock, in His arm He will gather the lambs and carry them in His bosom. (Isaiah 40:11)

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