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Loving God by Obeying His Word & Loving Others by Serving


The Journey of TAP Ministries

TAP Ministry was founded in 2011 by Senior Pastor Ely Hernandez. The Father has grown TAP Ministry from a local cell group ministry into an international Mentoring outreach, ministering to a new generation of Pastors and leaders that are willing to break the patterns of traditions and religion. Pastor Ely, together with TAP ministries, is working diligently to make Pastors and Leaders understand YAH’s heart (Jeremiah 3).
How everything started.
Believe it or not, our ministry was not handed down to us by a council, with everything needed to start a ministry. There were no chairs, no light, no mics, no cameras, nothing but five people in a second-floor apartment looking to do the will of God. In every service, we got to experience the very presence of God in a very intimate fashion. The fact that we didn’t have anything to start, but our hearts, was the icebreaker for God to pour down his love, wisdom and “Shakan” (presence). TAP ministry was the results of hearts yearning to seek God. Hearts that at one point were already tired of all the religious nonsense and men made dogmas. Even though Pastor Ely had been teaching Torah since 1998, he was always afraid to lead a pastoral ministry because of all the toxins and hurt that come along with the ministry. After some time, Ely and his wife started to rent the hall of a local Hotel in the city of Woonsocket. By this time the numbers had increased and it was easy for the ministry to pay for the high cost of this new location. One day, after finishing work in an auto store where Pastor Ely used to work, a local pastor that knew him from a very early age asked him if he was Interested in renting the space of a local church. Little by little God was putting all the pieces together. Once in this new place, the ministry was able to develop new ideas to operate in the calling. It was at that moment when YBN (Yeshiva Beth Navi) was formed. 

Pastor Ely always said, “We don’t want the ministry to be known as just “another church in the city”. We had too many of those. We needed to present something different and unique for those who were interested or curious about the Ministry. Something that carried the very essence of our vision…a “1st-century church”. The Awakening Place was in this local church, renting the space for a period of 6 months. After that time, the Local pastor announced that it was difficult for him to continue renting to us because on “Sabbaths” their worship team rehearsed and needed the space. We were keeping Shabbos, the feast and running a local Yeshiva. For us to find a new place was going to be a challenge. This is when I found 129 Mason St. This place was empty for a least 7 years. The owner didn’t want to rent to any Christian pastor for reasons that even to this day I don’t know. All I know is that when we met the very first time, he saw on my shirt a name, Israel. He happens to be a Jew. The whole name of the shirt was Israel Houghton…but he only saw Israel. I mentioned to him our intentions of having a messianic fellowship in his vacant location, for fellowship and education. He fell in love with the idea and he gave it to us at a lower cost that was originally presented. That was 7 years ago. Once my wife and I decided to answer the calling of God in our lives and to work in this ministry, I’ve been able to see how God was faithful to his Word by providing everything that we needed at a time to start TAP. From a financial standpoint he created many miracles in our behalf. Hundreds of people have come to our humble place of worship to be blessed and taught. We have expanded to the South and to Central America. We also have many satellites groups around the nation while founding more TAP’s around the country. With thousands of followers and supporters online, we continue to grow day by day.  

Please continue to pray for TAP ministry and all its staff members. Also please pray for the Hernandez family so God will continue protecting and providing. Shalom!